Sandirella's Cleaning services | Louisville commercial and residential cleaners

Sandirella’s Cleaning services | Louisville commercial and residential cleaners

Sandi Lanham, the person behind Sandirella’s Cleaning Services, nicknamed “Sandirella,” started Sandirella’s after seeing the need that families just need help with their daily lives but shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get it. Sandirella’s knows that harmony in one’s life starts in the home. If things are messy and chaotic at home, it will be hard to rejuvenate your spirit and energy to be able to face the next day’s challenges.

With this philosophy, the residential division quickly grew. It also quickly carried over into our commercial cleaning division by referrals from satisfied residential clients. They were wanting to come to work with what they were coming home to!

Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why we don’t just have a cookie cutter checklist when we approach your needs. We offer a multitude of services to bring wellness and centeredness back to your home and place of business. Let us sit down with you, come up with a game plan, and give you a free estimate. We promise, we will work within your budget. At the next step, we will provide you with many references from our satisfied customer base and provide background checks for the lovely people that will be making your ideal a reality.

Sandirella’s wants to help make YOUR life easier on YOUR budget.

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